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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Proud of Mrs UB

An amazing run on Sunday for Susan.....she definitely enjoyed it on the way round. She looked ace at 7......more than a little tired and stiff at 21 and wobbly at the end.......

Having said that, on the train on the way home, she couldn't stop smiling. I am very very proud of you Susan!

More mundane matters now and my own training seems to be OK. I ran last night including some hill reps so was tired at the club. With the marathon party at DPR in full swing, Mark and nipped out for a quick run......I ended up doing 7.4 miles at 7.15s.........Something that was far far quicker than I had expected. We chatted all of the way around and never dropped below 7.30s, finishing in 6.50s. I was genuinely shocked that I went that fast after all of the long slow plods I have been doing. Most pleased!

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