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Monday, 1 April 2013

Some recovery

I've been relaxing with my two best buddies in the last couple of days. Simeon and Charlie came up to London for my vegan Laksa with Mike, Andy, Ruth, Phoebe and the beautiful Mrs UB on Saturday, followed by a day of doing culture and then an evening of reggae with Ken Boothe in Camden last night. I probably drank too much and definitely have eaten too much but what a weekend.

I thought after a bank holiday lie in, the tightness in my quads would have relented but I'm not sure if it is still marathon legs or reggae dancing that is making them feel a bit stiff.

I thought I would have a look at the splits on the Garmin and was pretty pleased, aside from the lengthy stops at CPs and the 42 kissing gates.......which all seem to show up, though the pace was pretty even until the last mile or two.......consistency paid off it seems.

I might get out later this evening for a loosener around the block but an now focusing on a couple of events that are upcoming....again I am going to keep my cards close to my chest on this next couple of weeks but am celebrating my birthday with a double weekender: Bewl Marathon on Saturday and 3 Forts 27 on the Sunday. Green Belt Relay is cancelled this year so there may be something there but I'm awaiting Phil's OK on the Norman Conquest 50 before the build up to the big one, the SDW100 in June.

There are a couple of weekends free so short notice marathons are a possibility too. I'm still behind in my training and diet but I hope that the next couple of months will be fruitful. Oh and there is the VLM supporting role for Mrs UB.

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