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Monday, 2 September 2013

Removing the fail from trail

I've had a pretty rum summer in terms of running. Injury and some real junk miles and the DNF from the Saxon Shore Thames Gateway. I guess that I have just been busy with serious DIY over my school summer holidays and add into that, probably a bit too much socialising and I think that there were a number of events too far. I should have taken stock after the SDW100 and then had a bit of a break. Sometimes having a bit of time off can not only be good for the body, but good for the mind.

So it was with some trepidation that I even packed my running gear for a mini-break to the Pembrokeshire coast. Mrs UB and I were heading up to her sister's wedding in Monmouth on the Welsh borders and we wanted to add a few days to this before the end of the summer. I am so glad that I did. I only completed 2 runs and neither were greater than 10 miles, but both, especially the first, were jam packed with big ascents and jaw-dropping scenery.

Susie, now being 25 weeks pregnant was interested in an afternoon nap after our walk around the beautiful Manorbier Castle and late luncheon. After a sumptuous bowl of Welsh Cawl washed down by some strong tea, we drove to Stackpole Quay and she departed for the hotel. I ran up the coast to Barafundle bay.....arguably the best beach in the UK. (only reachable by a 1km walk) Once I had taken in the vista, I ran back along the Pemrokeshire Coast Path for what was a very hilly lung busting run but nonetheless beautiful.

 I stopped a number of times for photos and to get my breath back  and absorbed the scenery. This was my first run in nearly a week and the pain in my hamstring was not as bad as I had originally concerned myself over. There was a niggle, but this went after a hot bath and glass of wine. two more days of chilling and it was off to the beautiful market town of Monmouth for the wedding of the year and indeed it was. Prior to cooking the entire bridal party the famous UB fry-up on wedding morning, I popped out to sample the rolling hills of the Wye valley and its surrounds. I was in for a treat.

After an hour of continuous hills it was time to return to chef duties to provide the wedding breakfast! We would need it, based upon the copious litres of beers, wines and spirits that would be consumed over the following 20 hours or so! Over these two runs I then contemplated a good old fashioned detox and dry month or two. I have over-consumed cider and wine this summer and I have no doubt it has affected my running and a lot more besides. So it is dear reader that I inform you that I am having a long break from the booze to give my body a chance to get back to fitness and to also prepare for the arrival of small new UB to the family. Good friends will know that I have been known to over-indulge on a regular basis so this will no doubt come as a relief for them too. I will monitor the effects and report back.

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