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Saturday, 28 September 2013

That Sinking Feeling

Normally I have a positive disposition, a glass half full type of bloke. I'm getting the feeling that the next few weeks are going to be baby steps forward and that sinking feeling when recovery takes a step backwards and the wheels fall off.

This week I ran. Last week I had a total week off. Monday was 3.6 miles, Tuesday 5 miles, 10k on Weds and this morning, 2 miles. Each time the first mile has been a stiff slow 9s plus. Like an old car cranking up and spluttering as the tired pistons slowly warm up, my legs gently creaked into action. Wednesday was probably the better of the runs as by mile 4, I was comfortably at 8.45s and dipping lower. It is mighty frustrating to not be cruising around at 7.45s and putting in sub 7s for tempo runs, not travelling far and keeping away from my beloved hilly runs. A little at a time dear readers.......and on reflecting on this while I am writing this, I have returned to a glass half full type of bloke. There are 3 races on my radar before the birth of baby UB, 1 marathon, 2 ultras. Will I be ready in time?

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