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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Downslink 38 unlikely

After the trainer wars by ultraBobban
After the trainer wars, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Just got back from what was billed to be a nice 16-18 mile run with Eric. After running 2 miles to Forest hill station i met up with Eric and we took the tube to Tottenham Hale, allowing us to run back through London on the River Lea Navigation Channel. This meant crossing no roads until we arrived at Limehouse Basin. I had told Eric that I would be a little slow as was on a recovery which was fine by him. First 6-7 miles were fine. We ran past the Big Breakfast house, stopped off to take some shots along the route, chit-chatted about cars, wives, holidays and social stuff....funny that we never really chat about running when we are running. Then I felt the strain in my hamstring. What is frustrating is that the drive part of my gait cycle just isn't happening.....I can't turn on the beans, not a bit. So we slowed down around Limehouse and ran the Thames Path back to Wapping and tubed it most of the way back with a mile-and-a-bit recovery warm down back home.

I am now 90% sure that the Downslink 38 is not going to happen. Gutted.

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