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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Mixing it up

Bass Man, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

It has been just over a week since I put on the Garmin, the OMM jacket and the Asics Cumulus 12s and started to run again. I probably look a bit odd, trundling around at a limited pace in my usual running gear, but life is just too short.

I managed almost 12 miles in 4 outings last week and I ran 5k at the running club last night and to the gym and back with an hour on the cross trainer in between. The disparity in my leg musculature is marked and I will no doubt have buggered up the Asics but at least I am out there. The trouble is, I can't get enough pace to get out of breath and increase my VO2 max yet but it is still early days. I am thinking of having a couple of days recovery and then attempting a 4 mile run by the weekend. I have got my pace down to about 10.30s but am rather frightened to push it any further. Pain and lack of a true running gait are preventing this at the current time.

A summer ultra could be on the cards!

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  1. WOW - that is amazing - I can hardly believe you are running again ! Am sure you know what you are doing but be careful and take it easy. Don't worry, your endurance will come back again easily.
    I did the Thames Trot - my first 50 - and "enjoyed" it as much as is possible to enjoy something like that ! And finished in day light which was good. Compton 40 the next ultra, week after VLM ! Take care !!!