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Monday, 7 February 2011

Happy or relieved?

Off-centre Swirl, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

I'm not sure how to describe this feeling. I have just got back from a run. yes a run. After the cast came off 3 weeks ago following the triple break, I have just been out for a run.

What an odd feeling. Something made me get home from work and throw on running gear and go out. OK, I dressed warm as I was going to be slow. mobile phone in pocket and off I tentatively went. It all felt good and then I decided to stop on 0.19 miles......just for a flight check. And off again. Mrs UB came home and I asked her if she would acompany me for a lap of the park down the road. There we have it. 2 runs in succession, albeit slow; 5.07km in 39 mins. 13ish min miles. I had hoped to cover about half a mile, so am pleased, but feel odd, like I can't believe it has happened! Not that I am complaining!


  1. Fooking Hell. Have you been on the superhero recovery plan or something. This is amazing news, I assume you have been given the OK to do this by the medical professionals? I can't believe it, i am more than happy for you mate. As if i need to tell you, but take it v.v easy.

  2. Awesome, but please, please be careful Rob

  3. yes indeed. It is only 10 weeks since I was in hopsital on morphine and had my leg opened up for surgery!