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Monday, 31 January 2011

Janathon is over and I am now starting to walk!

X-Ray of tibia, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

A fierce session down the gym, my toughest since breaking my leg. An hour on the cross trainer and good to sweat it out. I had a good day at work but wanted to deconstruct the day and get the endorphins flowing. Great to bump into Nura in the gym and best wishes go out to her sister who has a terminal illness. Nura has a place in the Marathon so I urged her to join DPR running club!

Big thanks to the Janathon crew. I am going to carry on tomorrow for Febathon.....hopefully in the next 4 weeks I can get the running shoes on and go for that first mile. Susie wants to come with me and I will have to take my phone and also soemthing warm incase I need to sit down for a while, but I am so positive about this. Anyone could just end up in some alcoholic depression with a broken limb but I have tried to be as positive as possible. An ultra this summer is not just a possibility!


  1. Fantastic news! I've been following your blog this month and I've been seriously impressed by your determination. All the very best for the continuing recovery - here's to that first mile and beyond...

  2. Well done Rob! Great to see you on Saturday and without the plaster - excellent MC-ing! Be careful but good luck with the running comeback


  3. thanks for the positive comments!

  4. Nice one feller, glad you're back on yer feet again :-)