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Monday, 10 January 2011

Cast removal stage 2

Cast removal stage 2, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

Sometimes on a marathon I have a 3 stage strategy of how I feel I have done, usually in terms of time elapsed at the finish line; Best case, very pleased and minimum expectations. Today was not really much different. After shuffling around on crutches around King's hospital (I have done my mile today easily) I sat in a very busy waiting room and after peering over the top of my book (Rosie Thorpe running around the world.....a great diary to read!) I daydreamed about best, good and minimum expectations from the consultant. I was blown out of the water when he exclaimed that the cast would be coming off and that I had healed much much faster than expected. I had been expecting to be in plater for 3 months. It has just been a little over half of that time. One theory touted around a few years ago was that I was the owner of multiple spleens and healed much quicker than anyone else. Something is afoot here? Literally!

Don't get me wrong, it is painful, and weird to be walking around, albeit, with all of the aplomb of a lame dog, wincing every time the foot even gets near to the floor. It is messy. I won't put your off your cheese toastie but the skin has not shed in 7 weeks. Grim. I have an Aircast 60 brace on the way so that I can get into running again some weeks down the line. Let the physio commence!


  1. Very impressed by how positive you have been during your injury.

    Good work

  2. Awesome news big man. Does this mean you will now make the Thames Path Ultra on 5th Feb!!!!!!
    mr immune

  3. Would love to but I think a 50 miler at this stage is out of the question. I think that I will be really lucky if I can do a couple of marathons in the second half of 2011. The won't be competitive, just LSRs (note Immune....not 7 minute miling the last 8 miles of a XC marathon....lets save that for next year!)

  4. Just catching up on your injury - can't believe what a bad break it was from a slip on the ice :-(. You are so amazingly positive and pragmatic about it - a great example. I was a sad little sulky mess when I was only out for about 6 wks with a knee injury - I was convinced it was the end of the world as I knew it ! Very best wishes for a strong recovery. Will look out for you in races later in the year :-).

  5. thanks Sue. Really appreciate the comments and hope to see you later in the year at an XC marathon or possibly evena short ultra. Robx