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Monday, 17 January 2011

Ultra Mr Immune

A little blog post about a good running buddy and an all round amazing fella. We ran the UK Ultra Distance Championships together in August and came =46th. Immune has been training hard. My training, a mile on crutches today for crutchathon-hobblathon was easy and am feeling that tomorrow I might have a go at breaking my 2.1 mile record with an attempt at 3 miles. Immune is attempting something that has never been done before. Had I been on 2 legs, I would probably have done it with him. It is the Virgin London Marathon 4 times (finish to start, start to finish, finish to start and then start to finish with the mass start at 9.00am. 104.8 miles to be precise. All for his local charity which I will be advertising for him in the coming weeks. I am very flattered that he has asked me to crew for him as sadly I will probably only just be walking properly by then.

In this photo Dave was all smiles, as he was over the course of the first 45 miles of the Ridgeway this summer. What my job will be is to stop him feeling like he did for the 30 miles of night running from Goring on Thames. Only me and he know the highs and lows of that night on the moors but I will be doing my best to keep his spirits up, keep him well hydrated and watch his energy levels. No doubt he will be supporting me on my double hundred in 2012 and I think it would be rude not to run the Bob Graham Round together. What are friends for?


  1. Hi Big fella, thank you for the post, i really will need to rely on you to be my Head of Everything in the run up to this as i have a hard enough time organising my socks. As people are coming forward to run with me (Jerry and Rich a mara each) i need to make sure i keep track and start to log things so i have a plan of attack. I will do my best with the easy bit, the running...Muchos ciders as payment i assume would be OK