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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Exorcising my Demon

Off I went today for a little bit of fresh air. Off to the shops to get some teabags and perishables. It was a bit embarrasing yesterday afternoon as we ran out of tea and had 8 visitors pop in throughout the day, including Chris and Penny, or should I say, the new Mrs Chris, tanned and fresh back from Malaysia and Australia. Also great to see Tom and Jessie, Glen, Sue and Tiaghe and also Keith!

Anyway...I digress. I thought that I would take a detour to visit the place where I skipped over in the ice and broken the leg so badly. It was under the railway bridge. Anyway I have no animosity for the structure, or the tarmac underneath and the ice is long gone. Non-event really! Anyway I have been busy trying to gain some fitness. I managed two outings today, with plenty of tea in between! I did have to rest and raise the leg for 2 hours after the first leg. Daily crutching; 2.05 miles. I have had my leg up for another hour and it is very painful. I will sleep well tonight. Janathon day 4 successful

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  1. Well done on the tea front - we need milk tomorrow please.