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Tuesday, 11 January 2011


This is my healing leg

Freedom, liberation! No, it is not the start of a reggae tune, but the sweet sound of foot on ground. Janathon has taken a twist in that Crutchathon now has one leg down. Having taught myself to crutch at sub-20 minute miles, I now need to re-learn to walk, which is harder than you can imagine. As a child, there are very few words that can describe the act of walking as you learn. As an adult there is a veritable dictionary.

Janathon was today crutchathon to the post box and back. Eric came round for Coffee, cream cakes and a thrashing humbling on the playstation (his I may add....not that I'm not grateful, an ace afternoon, but too addictive for my liking!!) and then I went for partial weight-bearing (10-20%) and 200m on the crutches. I can now just flex the tiny muscle that is the gastrocnemius for the first time. Soleus? That doesn't appear to be there at the mo. I finished off the schedule with my first outing on the trainer with 4.00km on the bike. I know it is one step at a time but I am really excited now!!! Well done by the way for Jezza in the Winter Tanners.


  1. Thanks for the mention Rob, it is absolutely brilliant news you are out of the cast and fantastic that you are even contemplating getting on the bike (I assume static). Anything to get those muscles built and strength put back in that ankle, just keep it real and don't over do it :-)

  2. Wow! You're doing Janathon with an injured leg? If I had a hat on, sir, I would take it off to you! You're an inspiration, and I love your photos. Best of luck with the rest of the month ... and beyond! :-)