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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Felling like things are on the up

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This is day 2 with one or no crutches. I went to the gym today, on the penultimate day of JANATHON and managed to do 25 mins on the bike and 35 mins on the elliptical trainer. The legs are as sore as a 20 mile training run but the endorphins are about as much. This is what I have been looking forward to throughout January; a proper sweaty VO2 workout!!!

I know that I must be pushing myself to the limit a bit and I am aware of that (as I am constantly reminded by Mrs UB and my brilliant buddies at DPR!) It was great to stand up (note stand...not crutch-stand) in front of the club at Dulwich College last night and present so many medals and trophies. I have enjoyed my tenure as Race Secretary this year musch more than before. It was a great night although there will be some hangovers today I am sure as one or three people came up to me last night fairly slurred. Hehehe! Anyway, onto 2 training matters:

1. Janathon. Enjoyed every minute and hats off to the folks at Janathon and hopefully they have raised tonnes for charity.

2. Dry quarter. I am now at the end of months 1 and have not felt as positive and happy in a long time. It is amazing how gicing up all alcohol has sped up my recovery. I am also equally proud of Beardo and Georgie who have done the month too.

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