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Monday, 3 January 2011

Team Janathon

We all appear to be at it.

I have completed 1.2 miles on crutches today. I have seemed able to crutch at an increased speed. It must be the stair-reps that I am doing. Like hill-work, stairs appear to good for the crutch-gait. Improving VO2max has been at the forefront of improving fitness through injury. i overtook people today, coming around Crystal Palace Triangle I slipstreamed a man with a pram and then overtook him. I then overtook his wife, then two old men (I think they were in the V50 class) and it felt amazing. After a food break, I set off for leg 2 of my mission, circumnavigating car parks, fartlekking across in front of the cars. I needed to improve the speed. It felt great.

On top of this, Beardo (pictured) has joined the Janathon spin-off, Dry Quarter! day 3 and going strong!

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