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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Return of the UltraBobban

Approach to CP3, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

I thought that it would be entirely appropraite to include a correspondence between myself and Mr Immune for this blog entry.


further to our earlier texts, I am on the mend and am keen to get back into the fold. SDM looks like a good opportunity, I have to think about fitness before even signing up for this. Fitness is not about the miles, but following my all clear, is the operation to take out ALL of the metalwork. I have healed completely but the metalwork is impeding my performance and I have in the words of our new club record holder at half marathon, my heavy drinking buddy Tappo (77 mins!! for 13.1 miles!!) I look like Jeremy Beadle in terms of one limb being bigger than the other.

If all goes well, i will need to take another 2-3 weeks off and then off we go. there are 3 things that I need to be able to get to marathon fitness again. Number 1 is confidence. I crap myself even running off a kerb right now.

2. VO2 is shot to bits. I struggled for breath up a 1 mile incline to Crystal palace, 125m high in 10 min miles.

3. musculature. I have a nicely re-developed right quad, from cycling, swimming and cross training, but my gastrocnemius and soleus are somewhat skinny, along the lines of half of the width of my left. The development of the muscle is having a negative impact on my pronation, which is more akin to a caveman dragging a huge club.

Aside from that, I'll see you on the startline of the SDM, or if earlier, the 1st Richmond Park Marathon, or if the recovery goes well.......3 Forts Marathon.

hope the training is going well. You look so on form it is untrue. I am expecting a top 10 finish from you soon.

Catch up for a run soon buddy. I will be able to run with you on the big one for the 104 this april, if only for a bit of it. You will not have been missing my whittering and muttering but wou will have been missing those PMA moments during the ultras. Don't worry big man, I'll be crewing and running. Cider soon


  1. Hi Buddy, your come back has been nothing short of amazing. I am certainly glad I am going to have you with me for April, the PMA will be needed for the 3rd (Night) Mara. Can't believe you are doing these miles already, and a Mara before the summer is likely (excellent). Defo meet up soon as need to discuss the run and logistics in much more detail. It is the return of ULTRABOBBAN..........

  2. one step at a time! 19.8 miles last week. 4 tonight.