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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

In preparation for the St Peter's Way Ultra

mersea harbour. windy day by ultraBobban
mersea harbour. windy day, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Sunday will be a 45 mile run across the Essex to St Peter-on-the-Wall church at Bradwell-on-Sea. it is just across the Blackwater Estuary in the photo. I'm a little apprehensive as a marathon or a 50k on a Sunday and usually I can function at work on Monday but this is a bit further.

I've looked at my training schedule from this time last year and I have mustered 560km so far this year but a whopping 670km was run by this time last year. Essentially I had already run 2 ultras this time last year but this surprised me as I had not anticipated running on average 15km a week more last year.

I've kept my runs regular but short this week to keep a modicum of freshness in lieu of the long miles ahead. The course looks fairly "due East" but there are plenty of places to get lost so I'll be compassed up and will have a plethora of sugary snacks and a head torch in case of lateness.

As regular readers of the blog will know, I like to weave together situations and stories to while away those moments and focus on joining such outcomes. Jezza (aka ultra-running-Danny-Baker-man) would concur with me here. This even is the St Peter's Way and finishes at St-Peter-on-the-Wall. I hope my Dad is at the finish as he lives just 5.2 miles away from the end of the race (although a 35 mile trip around the coast) and Peter is going to be celebrating his 70th birthday just 4 days after the event.

Maybe I should pack a card?!

I won't carry his present though. It has a mass of 20kg!!!

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