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Tuesday, 12 February 2013


the retired tyre swing by ultraBobban
the retired tyre swing, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.
When I look at the running history since Xmas and it stands at 50 miles per week, I look back and usually run in cycles. Normally it is build, build build for 3 weeks and then a light week.

This I have not been doing. In a new year flourish and a will to get up to speed quickly I have topped 50 miles per week for 6 weeks. I have succumbed to a bit of a viral infection and have been laid low for a couple of days....not enough to need taking time off work but the need to be home early by 6/6.30 each day and the last 2 nights in bed by 9.00pm

I've been looking at my diet and have decided after loosing 5.1kg since Xmas, to now seriously cut the red meat. I never really eat processed food but have undertaken a couple of changes to my intake and am going to monitor the body's response over the next 2 weeks. The scientist in me is intent on experimentation on the body and this low mileage week coupled with a stressful week at work with an inspection looming gives me light relief in planning and scheming with each of the variables.

I will no doubt inform you, dear reader at some point in the future but for now my running goal is prep for my first ultra of the year, the St Peter's Way 45 mile run next Sunday.

In the meantime, it is training the wife for the VLM. She is up to 17.3 miles already and is looking good. She just needs a fuel strategy as so far, has been managing these 3 hour runs on Nuun alone!

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