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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Wrecked........ill and not in the St. Peters Way Ultra

I'm out of action for the big 45 miler that I have been chomping at the bit for for the last couple of weeks.

I've had a chest infection for about 1-12 days, which has mostly gone, but this was nothing compared to yesterday and what I can only assume is a massive dose of food poisoning.

Yesterday Mrs UB and I went out for a light lunch of noodle soup in South Kensington before a cultural afternoon at the V&A museum. Not 2 hours later and a sit down for a latte and we both felt queasy. I felt ill on the tube home and then almost didn't go out in the evening for my good buddy Chris' "wet the baby's head" drinks with the running club boys. 2 hours of sleep and I felt well enough to go but the bus journey there made me fell ill again.

I took an hour to sip one bottle of Westons Organic Pear Cider and when Tappo bought me another, it was time to leave and make my excuses. Every food outlet in Forest Hill was making me wretch as I walked past. I was sweating but is was never a degree above freezing. I got on the bus, felt like a need to sit down and within 2 mins, a horrible feeling arose from my body up to my head..........

And then I awoke on the floor of the bus with people around me. I was sweating profusely and had apparently passed out. Luckily I was about 200m from home so got off the bus......people offered to take me home (which was nice) but I slowly ghosted along the pavements to the house. Mrs UB let me in and said that I did indeed look like a ghost, grey in the face and with no colour whatsoever. She sat with me as I bathed and then I went to bed....for 15 hours.

I now feel a little better. Kidneys are killing me, hip and side of head are bruised from the passing out incident and general lethargy and weakness.......and Mrs UB has the same malaise.

So, it is about 90% likely that I am not going to be running the 45 tomorrow which I am absolutely gutted about. I'll see how the day goes but I have nothing in me.


  1. Jeez Rob, that is not good and you are definitely NOT running tomorrow, just don't take the risk as you have to travel there and back as well.

    Plus the fact Allan and I don't want to carry you to the next Aid station.

    I am gutted for you so just don't take the chance