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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hitting the LSRs

Long Slow Runs are the bread and butter of most distance runners. Fitting these in for any hard working South London teacher is the biggest issue. Time and not motivation is the killer.

So it was great to get out on some bigger runs this week as work piles up and the notion of running every day has slipped a little. I managed 30 out of 31 days running in Jan, but February has dipped, but the runs have got longer to compensate.

This week I ran 19 on Sunday last week taking in the Waterlink Way and Thames Path with Susie, Linda and Tim. With a couple of quick runs in the week and a run home from work on Thursday in the snow, then driving rain and headwind for 12 miles, I took Friday off for cooking for the family and a few drinks and Saturday headed out with Susie and George for a Green Chain and Thames Path bimble. The threat of rain meant I packed a waterproof although George braved the elements. As we joined the Thames I spotted a giant penis-shaped sculpture (no doubt another waste of Millennium money at the taxpayers' expense) and was surprised to see it hadn't been stolen by metal thieves......

Anyhow, a skirting of the Rotherhithe peninsular and back through a few parks and backways on the return saw another 18 miles and 56 miles for the week which has been my biggest week since the summer. Slow, but long......happy with that. No niggles either.

2 weeks until the St Peter's Way 45 so am feeling on a steady incline to being prepared.


  1. Nice one Rob, my miles dropped this week due to a little niggle but my LSR was along the Darent Valley Path this week, well worth it.
    Will see you at St Peters Way but as I am sweeper may be best we travel separately.

    1. Susie is dropping me at the start and then picking me up at the end as the finish is not far from my parents. Looking forward to this but a shame that it is on a Sunday and not a Saturday so we can enjoy a cider at the finish