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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

DPR crazy gang

DPR crazy gang, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

At the post-marathon drink up in the Fire Station Dulwich Park Runners celbrated in styleee. Eric at 3.24, Katia at 4.02, Tom at 3.09, Abs at 3.08 and Chrissie on the end in 2.59. Poor Tom had a 'mare travelling back after the volcano and wasn't in shape to go for the 2.50 he craved but he will come back better and stronger.

For me not having run the blue ribband of UK races for 2 years enough is enough and I am going to go for this next year. Long is my goal this year. Speed is my goal in 2011 (I think).

With LONG on the mind we have been concocting a charity event which is a run from Dulwich Park to Paris....the best we can come up with is Tower to Tower (as in Crystal Palace..just a mile away to Eiffel) Each lap of the park is 1.1 miles. If we get most of the club to have a couple of laps then we can do this for charity. Eric and myself are planning to run the whole 12 hours. I wonder if Jerry and Immune are up for this? This of the tea and cake and champagne in Dulwich!!

On other matters I have dropped mileage this week to focus on recovery for the Neolithic. Having said that I have been sharing a new-found turn of speed after 6 months of plodding round for hours at 8.30s plus. It is hard cycle to get out of and I was fairly crap at the fast group run a couple of weeks ago but have been pleased with my gradual increase in lactate threshold. I have had a few sessions of 7.45s, and now 7.30s. Last night's club run I was late and legged it over Forest Hill. Following the lovely run in the evening (first run in daylight this year!) we were flying along at 7.20s and the last 2 really cranked it up and ran at 6.40s. This is unheard of for me but my recovery run today demonstrated no niggles or pains. Fantastic! I hope this keeps up.

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