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Friday, 16 April 2010

Feeling it

back to running 50 miles in a week (well I will have exceeded that with my saturday morning club run) so am feeling good, if not overweight after a week of meat and cheese and no fruit or veg in Bulgaria last week. Have just returned from a good if not tiring 14 miles with Eric and Jason, both of whom were using this as their VLM taper mid-long run. After going for a leisurely 8.15 pace we suddenly found that crossing roads and the high st of Beckenham had slowed us down and we decided to follow the little man on Jason's Garmin who was a bit ahead of us, well that was at the bottom of Crystal Palace Hill so a hard job to run at 8s uphill for 1.2 miles for a challenge and then sprint down the hill to Dulwich.

In running these long slow runs I am feeling it every time we drop to 7s to run. This time last year I was 10lbs lighter and most of my training runs were at 7-7.30s! I need to make a mental note to get and do some speedwork and one tempo run a week as I am losing all V02max capabilities and it is annoying when the people I have normally felt very comfortable with are running off! Injury free though so can't complain.

Black Dog Marathon seems unlikely this weekend as I have such a lot of work to be catching up with and a 250 mile round trip with a road marathon in the middle of it might seriously knock me out for work on monday. But, as they say, never say never.

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