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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Great Uncle Bulgaria

After a week in the hills and mountains of Bulgaria I am shaking off that post-holiday lack of running (except for a 13km run, 600m up a big hill and then back down again) and getting into the twice daily run routine of the second part of my easter hols. Having eaten and drank far too much, it is now a concerted effort to shed some pounds to alleviate my knees for a summer of longer runs. Mr Immune has requested the classic quarter in June, which I am thinking positively about. I am pondering the Black Dog or SDM but am feeling that this is too close to the Neolithic and am conscious of only being weeks from my annoying injury and still on the mend.

A pleasant 7.1m at 7s yesterday was a good blast before my last day of cider for a while. I felt this in my morning run with George as we did just under 6 in 8s. Off to the club to present the medals for the club champs half marathon at Paddock Wood on sunday. Cunningly a suprise BD party was organised for me this weekend (I don't normally celebrate it as it is on FLM/VLM weekend) and I was plied will all sorts of alcoholic beverages and promptly gave George my number as there was no chance of being even fit to drive to PW. 11 out of 30 from the club PB'd and so I missed out there. We've got a new website up which looks so much better than the last one.

Hopefully a 10-12 easy pace tonight to build towards a 50 mile week.

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