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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Life's a beach

Beach, originally uploaded by ludwig van standard lamp.

OK, well it's better than it was. The metalwork in my leg will be out in weeks. I did the club handicap tonight. I have run 14km in the last 2 days, this evening, I dropped my pace to sub-9s for the first time this year. I am slightly worried that I will snap some of the pins but it felt good. I got some special dispensation in the club handicap and was thus promoted up the order to start, finishing in 2nd place overall! My last half mile was at 8.19s........

Mundane measures will come in soon and I shall return again to crutches when I return to hospital, but the signs are encouraging and I am loving running now.

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  1. 2nd place overall!!! You are getting better finishing posistions now than you did when using 2 legs (haha). Good news, but try and take it easy, don't want to undo all of the great work you have done in recovering.