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Monday, 7 March 2011

Some might call it junk miles......

Handful, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

But with the first month of running coming to an end after leaving the crutches behind there are a few notable points. I am sustaining a drop to sub-10 min miles for the last few days, partly becaue I am pushing myself a bit harder now. The pain is subsiding a little although I ran up Crystal Palace hill quicker...9.34s than I could run down the other side so there is some soft tissue damage that is occuring and preventing me from going full throttle......well when I say full throttle, I mean a sedentary pace. The last time I went full throttle down CP hill, it was a brakes off/brain off 4.30s and I thought I was going so fast I was going to die!

I am managing 4-5 miles with not much pain and I guess, as any marathoner would do, build it up from there. I am hoping to get past 20 miles this week and then start shaping up above this. My aim is in 2 weeks to get to a 10 mile run. Then if this is the case, I will attempt a half in the next month. All being well I am 3 months from a marathon.......if all goes well with the metalwork removal. Hospital tomorrow so all will be revealed

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  1. Hi Rob - What's the news from the hospital? All good I hope.