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Saturday, 26 March 2011

light at the end of.....

I'm pretty pleased with the week in terms of running. I have 6 days until my operation to take out the titanium in the tibia and fibula. As much as I can peak before friday to hit a high enough level of fitness to enable a swift recovery. So it is why my first week over 50km this year was a 62km week ending in a 20.27km run this morning to run including Sydenham Hill, then running with the beginners course at DPR and then the Knight's Hill, Beulah Hill, Crystal Palace Hill reverse club run. All in all the last few kms were a bit tough. There is only one way to knock myself into shape and that is to train harder, run further and stay on my feet longer. That, I am sure will come. If I can hit this level again within the next 6 days then I'll be happy going into the op, and will just be crossing my fingers for a swift recovery from surgery


  1. Excellent mileage Rob. I am sure we will all have our fingers crossed for you re the OP on Friday. If your recovery from the injury is anything to go by you will running your local Park Run the week after.

  2. If I recover that quickly I should be up for a marathon in about 12 weeks!