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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

new shoes on the way

I'm having a few days off running. Not feeling good so actually off work. I hate being off work as I love it. I will be in tomorrow as the healing and rest has taken place. Yesterday I slept for 19 hours only getting up to take painkillers and a cup of tea so awoke dehydrated this morning. Now I am up and about and steady on my feet I will be back at the chalkface tomorrow. I needed a cheer up, a boost so purchased some of the new minimalist Inov8 255. I have always lovingly cherished each pair on inov8s I have owned, particularly as I have never run less than a marathon in either of the pairs I have. I now am trying out the road shoes. It would be crazy to go straight to the 155g pair (????) but am looking to try out this minimalist revival that it seems Anton Krupicka has spearheaded over the last couple of years. I figured with my out of training body, a small drop from 347g to 255g would be a start. Hopefully they will arrive on Saturday so I can open them as I come out of the general anaesthetic from my operation on friday afternoon. Then the training will begin as soon as the swelling is down.

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