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Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's not's carb loading!

CP5 Goring food stop; 9pm by ultraBobban
CP5 Goring food stop; 9pm, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

A reminder that I can still do these is a pic from the UK Ultra Distance Championships...aka The Ridgeway 85 mile run, half way at Goring-on-Thames in 2010.

I've approached the SDW100 with a bit less preparation. Agreed I have done a couple of 120 mile weeks in May, agreed I have done it injury free, but I feel far less nervous and feel I might have taken my foot off the gas about 3 weeks early.

I've started to pack in some food over the last 3 days. I got on the scales today and have increased in mass by just over a kilo. I've reduced the meat content of my diet over the last 2 weeks significantly, eating fish mostly (except the Dulwich Park Runners BBQ on Tuesday where I consumed 3 steak burgers) and focusing on pasta, bulgar wheat and potatoes. I have had a couple of cheeky ciders though so that is perhaps not so good.

Today I was due to run with Glenn for a gentle slow amble up to Dulwich and Sydenham Woods and then down to the club for a coaching session on running technique but Glenn bailed due to work commitments. As I was in the West End today for a conference, I made sure I had a large dose of boiled potatoes and salad for lunch and gigantic banana milkshake. Arriving back home I went to tick the last few items from my inventory. Where on God's earth was my trusty Tikka XP headtorch? I searched the house high and low, then the car, the shed, then the house again.........It was then off to Snow and Rock on the Purley Way in teatime traffic......90 min return journey for an 11.8 mile round trip (could've run quicker!)

So I have a nice new Tikka XP2 head torch and as I took it out of the wrapper, inserted the batteries and opened my waist pack to stash it.......there was my Tikka XP!!!!! So now I have 2 lovely headtorches!!!

Its braised rice and veggies for dinner and I'm going to catch the end of the footie.

I've amassed 25 miles this week just to keep me ticking over and preventing insanity. I will save final mention to Mrs UB. She is an expert in spread sheets and organisation. The Uber-Queen of silky smooth administration. Mrs UB has planned a schedule for supporters and checkpoints. I hope the Hotel I have booked for her is a good one as she will need a good night's sleep.

I'm looking forward to seeing old friends on the SDW this weekend and also making new ones......but I'm mostly looking forward to the feeling of crossing the finish line, getting home and spending the rest of the day picking some veggies from the garden and making a roast dinner with Mrs UB

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