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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


tom tom by ultraBobban
tom tom, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

Getting my appetite back after a week of food poisoning has been good as I have not had any compunction to eat meat or cheese or too much diary. I've been switching to fish, pasta and plenty of fruit and veg. I jumped on the scales tonight and in a week I have lost 3.7kg or 8.2lbs in old money. This is a mass loss of Beardo proportions (for readers not familiar with Beardo.....this is an imaginary friend that might belong to a running club I run with who writes a fairytale blog about losing mass........he seems to be able to lose a stone in a week???!!!!!) was brought about by a gastro-bug.

It has taken some serious toll on my running as I have been less than comfortable at anything sub-7.45s and feel like it brings on indigestion and heartburn. Not that I will be running 7.45s in 19 days........

This week will be a comfortable 50-55 miles at LSR pace. I am not happy with my mileage but have to balance that with the massive workload I have on and the want to be fresh for the SDW100 and not be injured. Faster times will come after the summer. This is all about the LSR.

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  1. It`s good that you are feeling better again UB. Shame I missed you at the SDM last weekend.