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Monday, 25 June 2012

SDW100 prep

Although any mileage now will not add to my training, it was good to get out and do a recovery run on tired legs. keeping the lungs flowing and a gentle stretching run was just the tonic to take the edge off nerves and deconstruct the day. I can't say that I've ever blogged about a 5 mile run since I broke my leg but it felt good to have a trot out. Upping the pace with the last mile also gave me a buzz.

Drop bags are now ready, the spreadsheet will be published later and there are a few excellent friends coming down to support. I'm particularly looking forward to the second half, on familiar territory From Devil's Dyke to Clayton, Ditchling, Blackcap and down to the Long Man. The good chaps at Centurion have a lot of aid stations bunched after 70 miles so I will be travelling light. I'm opting for a Ridgeway-style waist pack during the day and a rucksack in the evening.

bring on the ghosts! Bring on the belt buckle!

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    All good sensible calls, travel light but don't forget the warmth factor Big Man. Devil's Dyke, Clayton, Ditchling and, iconic behemoths....I know you are going to rock this part of the world...GO ROB