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Friday, 8 June 2012

Food poisoning, heat, mountains and the SDM tomorrow

I'm a little under-prepared, a little voice was saying in my head as I got off the plane just a couple of hours ago...having resolvedly decided to run the South Downs Marathon tomorrow. Less than 24 hours ago I was suffering from some acute form of gastro-filth rendering me incapable of much more than relaxed duties whilst in the Central Balkan Mountains this week in Bulgaria.

The plan had been to relax after the Stag and Hen shenanigans of the weekend, which were by the way; AWESOME! Immune has some catching up to do on the drinking stakes, as does Tappo, but the other gents, in the main, were in red trousers and tweed and looking fine in their sartorial eccentricities! Glen and Eric, Woolly and Chrissie (in ladies trousers!) especially. However, this was not the case. No doubt fuelled by a total lack of all faculties by the end of the Saturday evening, I must have picked up a wretched bug as by Monday morning I felt woeful.

The week was a plan of run mornings (as it was 35 degrees in the day) followed by walk/sight see and eat later. Mrs UB had also brought kit too.

Even though I managed to do some sightseeing and visiting friends during the week, much of the time was rendered not eating and sleeping/lying in bed doubled up in pain. I couldn't think of a nicer place to be as it is totally tranquil.

So with Mrs UB and Lily running the half, along with Beardo, I thought "What the hell!" and am now running  the marathon tomorrow. Nice and relaxed....a trot round in the nice weather....... at a snail's pace....(and no..I didn't eat them)

 and pick up some much needed miles (I have run 4.87km this week!)

NO! I arrive off the plane from the searing 35 degree heat and to a wet and windswept UK. Not only that, when I get home and open my envelope and find that I am in the elite group.......ARRRGGHHH

I might see if I can swap at the start and run in the mid paced group as I am feeling fragile......but lets see what happens. I am distinctly behind schedule for the 100 miler in 3 weeks time. My taper should start here but with very few miles in the tank over the last 3 weeks, this is squeaky bum time!

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