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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Three Amigos

Tom and Jessie's wedding by ultraBobban
Tom and Jessie's wedding, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

If you don't know Smiffy, Tappo and Lane then you don't know what hardcore nutters they are. Dave is nearly 75 and can still run a 1.24 half marathon. Tappo defies logic as he can run 36 mins for a 10k after 16 pints. Laney breaks all lung capacity rules as he has Emphysema after smoking 20 a day and can still knock out a 3.11 marathon.

These are the chaps that are backbone of our running club. Chiselled men, hardened by the rigours of life. Like coal men at the face, working hard all day and then running harder afterwards.

If I can add some vim and vigour to the club rites, then I shall try to emulate these fantastic fellows. If I could squeeze a pic of Mangioni with his sub -3 or his Ironman or Woolly rowing for Oxford in the boat race 6 years ago, I would.

Just 10 days separate me from my first 100 miler. I'm now hungry for it. The training is over. The taper begins. 3 marathons and 3 ultras, plus lots of miles, well, nearly 2000km in 23 weeks and I feel ready. I am undertrained as have had a couple of work and gastro-setbacks in the last month but I want to be hungry for this.

All that is to do is the last part of the logistics, the letting friends know where I intend to be and the fuel and accoutrements that will provide me with the necessary energy and boost to accomplish this.

One more thing.......Mrs UB and her superb unwavering support and strength to guide me through the darkest hours......and keep my spirits up.

Bring on the cider at the finish!!

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