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Saturday, 28 July 2012

honeymoon running on hold.....

After the trainer wars by ultraBobban
After the trainer wars, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

It was the coolest evening so far. 32 degrees, about 90% humidity. Shorts on, no shoes, no top, nothing else. I was already sweating. My first run of the week lasted 3km. this one was shorter. running on the beach barefoot is tough. I don't fancy my chances inland, you see. Fucking great 2 metre long monitor lizards in the jungle.....crazy insects too. The roads are just too dangerous to run on. Pedestrians are target practice. What can be safer than a run on a deserted paradise of an Indian ocean beach? Nothing......except a rabies infested dog that chased me, snapping at my heels for a mile. I went it the sea. Fucker followed me. It bit my leg so I shouted, but I dont think it understood until I threw 2 coconuts at its head. It ran away, but left me with rabies.

So the running shoes are hung up for the rest of the holiday. I might enjoy a few white Russians and beers instead.......and the rest of my honeymoon

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  1. dear reader, please do not fear that this minor venting of spleen is in any way an indication of the quality of the idyl that I am surrounded by! This is indeed paradise and I am so lucky to share it with my new wife. this is good reason why running should take a holiday too!

    Bring on the fresh food, the sea air, the culture, the heat and the sun!