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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Rusty....crank it up

williams and son by ultraBobban
williams and son, a photo by ultraBobban on Flickr.

2 weeks after the SDW100 and I'm starting to get back into the fold. The euphoria has all but worn off and its about getting back to normal. I've got some niggles mind. I feel like I could do with an MOT and a good oil and service.

I thought that getting back to it after such a long ultra would be slow and am pleased-ish with my progress. 20 miles last week was all I could deal with. I have run twice today. Crystal Palace Park, Wells Park, Alex Park and Mayo Park were on my sunny route with Mrs UB at a nice pace.

This evening was about pushing my body a bit further. What would happen when I cranked up the speed? Well, after a warm up mile or so, I went with how I felt and not what the watch stated. I did glance down and was pleasantly surprised to knock out a few 7.20s, particularly on the long drag from Beckenham up again to Palace.

So. Aside from reading the excellent stories written by new running buddy Mike Sartorius

and Jezza's amazing recount of the GUCR, it is now about looking forward, rather than looking back.

Salisbury 54321 is only a few weeks away so that will be the first test.

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