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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Planning for the rest of the year

I've left a big blank in my calendar as I did not know where I would be in terms of fitness, injury and morale following the SDW100. it is now 11 days since the completion of the "century" in just over 23 hours........I have had a few days of tiredness and my longest run this week has been just 9 miles. It is slowly, slowly at the moment as it will take a few weeks to recover.

However, this is my anticipated schedule until the end of the year:

12th August - Salisbury 54321 50km
19th August - Ultra peaks 40
16th September - either Rings around the Rodings 30 or the Green Chain 27
16th October - 16th Founders Challenge
25th Nov - Gatliff 31.3 miles

and then there looks to be some tantalising ultras over the half term holiday. Other than that, I am going to be seeking out some new/different events. I think 6 marathons and ultras in the next 5 months is a modest and achievable target. I'll be crewing at the Winter 100 too.

exciting times ahead

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