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Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Unlike the last recovery from the Ridgeway, this was different.

I donned my SDW100 t-shirt, with my 100 miles-1day belt buckle in pocket, I decided to run the DPR club handicap. Ian had said that if I wanted to run higher up the field, I needed to run "scratch" I did. I had planned on trotting round at 10s......but I felt good so speeded up. I was never out of breath, never in any discomfort. I ran the course in 6.58s.....

So, 2 days after the epic 100 and with a 130 mile week, no problems. A nice chit chat with the brilliant runners from the club and a fish and chip supper......amazing.

There are 2 issues now......some rather random tanlines and an insatiable appetite to go a little further. I have something in mind.........but I'll save that for a later date ;-)


  1. I look forward to hearing what the 'little further' might be. Just be carelful and make sure your whole sytem is fully recovered before you start ramping up the training again, but what do I know (don't answer that!!).

  2. OMG you are thinking GUCR aren't you? Rob, you have nothing to prove now, hang those shoes up for a bit and recover for at least 2 weeks.

  3. NO! not the GUCR. I will NEVER run along a canal! Something bigger