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Monday, 9 July 2012

Hungry, tired.....this is a recovery

After a euphoric week of 100 mile smile, I have gently landed in the swamp of mild depression.

All I have done for the last 7 days is eat and drink. Favoured foodstuffs amount to anything. I feel like I am eating crap but actually, when I analyse my intake, I have been drinking lots of milk, eating tonnes of fruit, cheese appears frequently and I've had more meat than usual.

Reading James Elson's amazing blog entry about post-100 mile recovery, I concur with his ethos. I know people who have ridden that wave of euphoria and hit the deck with a bang. Bone density needs to recover. I'm going to keep drinking milk and let the osteoblasts and osteoclasts work their magic.

Unusually, I haven't been ill. I sink into some form of heavy cold or stomach bug....but not to date. I have entered a mental state of malaise where work is stressing me out even more than it should. Each setback, question or personal remark from staff seems to cut that bit more deeper than usual.....and I am lingering on it.....not good.

There is a wedding to sort and I need to be positive! I went out tonight not for miles but for form. True to my word I kept a nice tempo, never quicker than 8s, never slower than 8.30s, along the Riverview walk route. This cheered me up no end. I now need to focus on not recovering the mileage too quickly. I think back up to 50 miles base mileage a week by about late August, early September. I'll need some new shoes to cheer me up too.

But first the Aviva Diamond League with my 2 best Centurion buddies.....Immune and Jezza. We have cider drinking to do!

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  1. Rob, it is natural, you know I have had some really bad knocks especially after the Bungay Black Dog Marathon which was ironically what Winston Churchill called his depression. It is horrible when normally comments from friends bounce off but when down cut like knives. Be positive, there is a crate of cider with our name on it and a night run on Saturday to blow some cobwebs out.