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Friday, 22 January 2010

Back to the grind

Well it's been a full-on week at work and just chance now to reflect on the week. The C2C was amazing and have just now started to feel a bit flat so have started to plan the newest challenges.

I concur with Jerry (magic forest) that there are lots of "New Year Resolution" runners out there. It seems to busy around Dulwich and Forest Hill; a rhapsody in day-glo. Hopefully they keep it up!

Managed a recovery 2k on Monday and ran to the club and back (5km) to deliver medals for the Dartford 10 club champs, of which everyone was pleased with. The mileage might seem paultry but despite 45 miles....72km in new money, does take it out of your body and recovery is imperative to the ultra runner.

Saturday will see the Bank of England XC race in Richmond Park. Google maps tells me that I am only looking at about 10 miles there so me, Eric and George are heading up to Battersea and along the river which should take us to about 17 miles. The race is only 4.9 miles but the promise of the superb spread of tea and Victoria Sponge, clotted cream and scones is too much to resist. Of late I have become somewhat of a sponge officionado and it will certainly aid my recovery pace progress to a more than sedentary 8.20s

L2B now seems to have hit a back burner as I am investigating other options. Mr Immune and I have discussed the Ridgeway 85 miler on August BHW Day-night races are a new thing to me. The other challenge is the Grimsthorpe 70 which looks to be a trail 10 mile lap. 23rd July and glowsticks at night. Jerry said the 50 miler in Kent was quite good and I like the idea of leaving your wardrobe (!) and supplies at a point. It will be good training for the Ridgeway anyway. It does clash with Lakeland 50 and Malvern 54 but I think it looks a goer.

It will all pan out in due course. Time now to chillax

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