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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

This is the bit I always hate but should enjoy

95km of snow running around south london, aided by the fact that school was shut for 3 days owing to the depth of snow, quality of roads and general health and safetyness. After a few hours of paperwork each day, it was time to run. Nevertheless, I donned the spikes and went for a good old bimble with other folks who were not working and then defrosted in the sauna at the gym for a long stretch and a chin wag with other gym-ites.

As a scientist I am aware of the importance of the taper, particularly for ultra events. I have tried and tested lots of different theories.....but am particularly indecisive as to what to do. My best performance to date was a gradual carb-load throughout the week prior to my top 20 finish in the 3FM. The day preceeding this was an exhausting 30 mins of silliness on the Dulwich track and then straight to the gym for a stretch, a sauna and a 1.5 litre bottle of lucozade in a bid to replenish stripped carbs and trick my body into loading glycogen.

This time, a long slow feed adding carbs and essential vits and mins throughout the week. Reading Michel Roux Jnr (a marathoning chef no less) I am adding in nuts, pulses, basmati rice and snacking lots on dried fruit. That and a dry January so far leads me to feel really good....although how can you ever be ready for a 45 mile race? Never mind. To cheer myself up I managed speedwork of an intensity never completed before....5km in 19 min 06 seconds, with a 2km warm up and 2km warm down. Now the snow is subsiding, we should be ready for saturday. Looking forward to seeing the ultra crew from Doyen and the rest of the races last year. Then, a quick recovery snooze and the dartford 10 the next day. Brilliant!

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