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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Back to square one

One of the most annoying things is that as my cold has now cleared up and I have a casual glance at myself in the mirror, I am as fit as I have ever been. Proprioception when running or even chillaxing tells me that everything feels just fine. Except one thing. This blasted knee. I am endeavouring to use Andrew and Chris's physio this week as this is doing my head right in. Lovely crisp -1 degree morning, called on Tom at just after 9 and we had a backstreets run to Greenwich and around the park. Care was taken as there was pelnty of ice around still but there were lots of runners out, some far too serious looking, (although that is another story) to say hello to and lots of post-industrial scenery as we chatted and ran along the low-tided Thames Path through to loop the Dome and come back through Blackheath. Not a sharp pain but as we trotted along at between 7.45s and just under 8s, there it went. A numbness followed by an almost grinding pain. A short stretch and another attempt at 8s ended in abject failure as I decided to say goodbye to Tom, who was probably happy to cruise at 7s and hobbled, toe running on my right, under the grim A2 flyover and through the backstreets of Maze Hill towards Greenwich. Searching the high road for a cab came to no avail and a cheeky 3 stops on the DLR to Lewisham and a hobble, run walk.....kind of limp to a cab firm and something I had never contemplated in my life took over. I took a cab the reemaining 3-4 miles home. Still, I consoled myself in the back of a grubby Toyota that it was cheaper per mile that the Great North Run. So it is now back to Square One. Physio. Lots of low impact cardio down the gym and some swimming. Funny as I had changed my mind to do the Lakeland 50 with Mr Immune, rather than the Grimsthorpe, as a little voice iside said "a point for Lakeland and 3 points for Ridgeway" will get me to the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc Championships next year. Rest and recouperate UltraBobban. There are big things ahead!!!

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