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Monday, 1 February 2010

Long overdue

My first session of sports massage took place and somewhat with trepidation did I pick up the phone and book this. My experience with sports massage had not been brilliant to date and my aprehension was obvious. That stopped. The route of the problem lay in a previous session with a pummeling from a guy who was "no pain no gain". This was an altogether different experience. After the hour was up I felt that we had found the route of the problem. A malalignment of the patella perhaps due to the ITB or the lateral retinaculum, part of the underside of the patella tendon. This has lead to an inflamed and palpated vastus medialis on the opposite side.....most likely. I am going out tomorrow for a gentle run and to see whether this first treatment has had any effect. I am very pleased with the professionalism and attention to detail from Paul. Most impressive. In turn, I was pleased to receive a good news package in that my musculature is in excellent condition. Things are looking up again!!

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