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Sunday, 14 February 2010


It's about all I did this evening was to watch the Games....luge, biathlon.....not a hint of the old favourite Olympic Floor Polishing or Curling as it is more well known as. This is the first week I have ever had off running. It feels weird, like something has left me. It feels odd and I am uneasy. I am contemplating buying some new and more cushioned shoes. I haven't got round to it but keep looking. I even went to Decathlon today and felt myself strangely unattracted to the running gear and instead brwosed other isles I had hitherto not known existed. No purchases made and instead took out the Canon 50d with Charlie and decided to shoot some moody Canary Wharf skies. The running will come back, I am sure. I feel as though I have put on 10 stone and aged 10 years. All for a couple of weeks of not taking part in the great leveller that is putting one foot in front of the other at between 6 and 8 minutes a mile.

So much so that I am tempted to make a comeback early in the morning. I feel a gentle 3-4 miles coming on at breakfast. Half term is always a good time to get fit......hopefully the knee will be all fine and I can reward it with a few miles of pain free tendon and cartilage by stretching and sauna-ing in the gym later. I think that will bring a smile to my depressed face. I am very pleased for Eric who ran a superb 4.27 50km London Ultra to place him 16th overall. I am stoked for him. Having seen him down in the dumps I know that fitness will return to me like it has done with verve and vigour in a good runner and friend. PMA

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