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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Back to Work

After a few sessions at Crystal Palace Sports Injury clinic and a good long rest I was happy as larry to go out in the torrential rain and puddles in my new much more cushioned Asics Cumulus 10's for a first and very tentative run. Jason at CPSIC has been the ultimate source of information, support and guidance. I have only had a couple of sports massages in the past but they feel like charlatans compared to a Masters educated professional. Problem identified......malaligned kneecap, tendonopathy due to tight quad and within a short space of time, I feel much better.

After a tentative run, a glance at the Garmin at 1.93 miles and I thought....oh no. But after a minor twinge and 5.60 miles without many inclines and nothing faster that 8.00 min miles, I feel good. Especially after ice, 30 mins stretching and Jason's exercises.

Then I got home and my phone had the most fantastic mesage from none other than Mr Immune, who informed me that I should be straight onto the TRA (Trail Running Association) and join him and Jerry for a team of 3 in the Ridgeway Challenge. Well, like a bull to a red rag I got hold of the application form and it is now ready for the post office to do the rest. I understand that recovery must be slow but anyone that comes back from injury must feel the euphoria of the next big challenge. I doubt I'll be ready for the Stinger....but 85 miles is a big, big challenge and the type of stuff that builds friendships for life. in the words of Susie Liu........"Can't wait" !!!

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