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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Crystal Palace Sports Injury Clinic

Thought a post about this would be apt, as I will be spending time and money here. I don't know why I just didn't go there 3 weeks ago. Next time I will do exactly that. Go and seek expert advice.

Having spent an hour with the Physio at the National Sports Centre ( and a heavily strapped knee, I can now confirm that there is malalignment of my right kneecap. It is being caused by tightness in my quadricep which is pulling the kneecap upwards and out of the groove at the base of the femur. Because of this, It is causing considerable pain at the base of the patellar tendon and the ITB and Hip Flexor are tightened and not allowing the natural movement of the knee across the joint. This rubs the cartilage in an unfamiliar manner and the tendon, making it difficult to do anything repetitive and impact-worthy.

So, I sit here half way through half term, at least knowing what the issue is and having lots of new stretches to do to keep me busy. Its of to Lulworth Cove for a small holiday away from London and a chance to do some walking (no pain from this) and take the big camera and get some good shots, rather than racing around the Jurassic coast like all the other nutters. I am really looking forward to getting away......

......and the knee? Well there is always the Stinger next year isn't there? Onwards. Upwards and keep up the PMA!! :)

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