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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Time for tea

Cosy Tea, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

Well with this incessant rain and a text from Stevie Beard offering to run tonight I thought I might leave the gear on the radiator and put the kettle on.

A happy me trotted out for the second run this week, not knowing how the effects of thursday's 5 miler would have on my knee. I have been keeping up with my ecentric stretches and everything that I can do to stretch the quad and hip flexor. Having said that it was great to catch up with Sue who had her longest run since before her pregnancy and generally very good to catch up with all of the goings on in the last few weeks. 9 miles at a lovely mellow 9.00s gave us an opportunity to breeze through the parks around the north of Beckenham and the Riverside Walk at the bottom of Sydenham. Spring has definitely sprung with Daffs and Snowdrops in full show. The knee feels delicate but fine and I was hoping to get out and trot around Mersea Island this morning. There is a lovely 13 mile run which is the total circumference of the sea wall around the island. Any budding XC runners should try the "Round the Island Half" as it is fabulous, especially as my Dad was there to welcome me over the finish with a can of cold lager last year!! (please read as Dad supplies post race carbs!!) Anyway, I digress. It is torrential outside and although I am no stranger to adversity, I can't think of anything more than getting the kettle on and planning the Ridgeway Challenge.

Dave Immune texted me on Thursday to get my entry in. Immune, myself and Jerry are going to do this as a team. Mental toughness by the bucketload is required. These guys have done L2B and the furthest I have done is 45 miles. I did feel at the end of the C2C that I could have got to 50 no probs but beyond this I have no experience. I am glad it is in the 6 weeks holidays to allow me at least a few days of recovery before going back to school.

Back to the tea.....

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