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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

slowly but surely

Well it might be time to divulge my first week back and the mileage that I have done. The physio said run, if it hurts, slow and stop, rest, ice, stretch and take days off. Well, I am slowly but surely working through the miles, 5.6 thursday, 9 saturday, 8 sunday night, 5 monday and the DPR club handicap tonight. I was never going to set any records but that was not the intention. 15.40 for 2.1 miles.

My PB on the monthly club handicap is 13.19. This puts me in the last few runners but not anywhere near Chris, Andrew and in particular, Tom who is at 11.50 and aiming for the club record 11.15....which I sure he will break. I just want to get fit and healthy and aim for a sub 13. I think 12.52 is 6.00 min miles and this would be amazing.

Anyway, it feels great to be treading the streets of South London again, mentally; for the work-life balance and stress and physically just because I love it. I am just so grateful to be a runner again

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  1. Great news WardRob...all I need you to do now is get fit enough for the Ridgeway in August