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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Brighton Trail Marathon

After the trainer wars, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

A long awaited lie in was required this morning as it has been a tough week at work, circa 60 hours at school. It has been good to get out and run earlier this week but as I am beginning to feel stronger in the knee department, I can get back towards the goal of 80km a week which I haven't done since early January and not with regularity since November.

I'm off for 12 miles in a minute, followed by the gym. In 2 weeks I have the Brighton Trail marathon at which I had a text from Dave Immune to ask if I was doing it. Indeed I feel up for a long slow run but an conscious that it might be a bit of a junk marathon in terms of time as I feel that miles over speed is the important factor. Nevertheless, a marathon is a marathon and is no mean feat and this will be number 11 for me in the last 21 months. Any opportunity to get to the south downs and have a run around on those beautiful chalky hills is going to be taken, particularly as I missed out on the Stinger.

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