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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Take time

Well I had decided at the very last moment not to take part in the Steyning Stinger XC marathon last night and perhaps for good reason. I went out this morning in thebeautiful sunshine and with the puddles being covered with the meerest smattering of ice, set off at a nice 8.10 pace with a 10 mile or so in mind. After heading into the wind towards Deptford I hit the twists and turns of the Thames Path and upped the pace to 7.45s. Running along the Thames early in the morning is a liberating feeling, great vistas and the odd runner here and there but essentially deserted. Just how London should be on a sunday morning!

At Greenland Dock I upped the pace once more and turned for home at 7.15s. Perhaps this was too much too soon. Through Surrey Quays and Rotherhithe, Bermondsey and Peckham, back of Camberwell and up to Dog Kennel hill I felt like the old me, pre-injury. Then coming back through East Dulwich at 12.6 miles, it started hurting so a slow down for the last 2 miles to 8.45s. After the elation of reaching a comfortably fast pace I was reduced to a jog by the stupid knee again.

Sports Injury Clinic again after work tomorrow. Lets hope that this feeling of woe quickly dissapates. I have missed 3 races and DNF'd another since mid January and it is so frustrating. Chin up!

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