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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

What I like

Doyen2009 Me adjusting shoes, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

What I like is thinking about the next race. The anticipation. The feeling that I get when I am running. Cross country. Hard.

This pic is from the Doyen of the Downs but reminds me of the gritty truths one faces when embarking on ultra-miscreancy. I am enjoying being back to about 75% fitness in the last few days. Tuesday with Dulwich Park Runners was the first time with the fast group since just before xmas. I decided to turn for home at 7.5 miles as I didn't want to hit 10 miles at speed in case of the knee. A few miles this evening followed by a sauna and steam and I am beginning to feel better. After 12 hours at work, the stress just melts away after a few miles of south london streets, the mind empties and the day gets it's declutterisation, compartmentalisation and cleanse. I feel good for a small Guinness and a chat over the dinner table about the days ahead.

What I like is the possibility of a late entry confirmation to the Brighton Trail Marathon on 28th March.

What I really would like would be to finish and banish the knee troubles for good. Foam rollers at the ready!!

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