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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Training Starts Here

Well I am feeling back in the swing of things as I gently return to fitness. Now the training starts as I build up my mileage for the Ridgeway. Just 25 miles this week as my first one back, a gentle introduction to the long and winding road to take me up to 60 a week in mid year.

Races that are on my radar are both for training and because there are just some runs that I love because of the people that I know are doing it.

Black Dog Marathon - April (Me and George return to my marathon PB course (note; only 2 of my 10 marathons have been road ones!)
Brighton Trail Marathon - April
3 Forts 27.1/Neolithic marathon (on the same day so need to make a decision!)- May
North Downs 30k - June (what colour will the t-shirt be this year???!!!)
July - Lakeland 50 or Grimstorpe 70
August - Ridgeway Challenge 85 miles.
October - Clarendon Marathon or Beachy Head
December - Doyen of the Downs

Now after my saturday morning relax of 3 cups of English breakfast tea, a bacon and mushroom butty after a long lie in (a few ciders quaffed with Tom and Chris in Crystal Palace necessitated this!) I can think about my long slow run on the South Downs tomorrow morning. I think the body needs to become a temple. Training it seems, starts here!

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