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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Don't be a dummy

don't b a dummy, originally uploaded by ultraBobban.

a sign for the BTM in which I have yet to hear back from the chaps at extremerunning. Despite my quick return to form, I am looking to run the trail marathon next weekend as have completed a nice 17 miler at just sub-8s on a hilly-ish run down to via One Tree Hill, Dartmouth Hill Blackheath, Charlton, Shooter's Hill, Greenwich Park, Lewisham Hill, up to Bromley and via Beckenham Hill........

The knee appears to be in good condition although I think the last 2 miles there was some soreness like something was about to set in. A sauna and a jacuzzi precluded by a 30 min stretching session whilst having a chat with the good people of the gym helped and a rucksack carrying 6.30s for the last mile or so was fun all the way. Any opportunity to build up that lactacte threshold is welcomed. Running past the track in Dulwich yesterday and catching up with Tappo (who was doing 10x300s) left me for dead as I attempted one lap and was soundly 4 seconds or so behind after half a lap......reminded me of how much the long slow miles have taken their toll on the fast stuff.

I will be sticking to the 8s group at the club.....the faster group are just about a month or so ahead of where I need to be and I found it frustrating this week to be on the back of the pack after taking a good lead early on.

The next plan is an attempt at runderground...perhaps over easter? Jezza was thinking the same thoughts on the same day. Odd?! Susie has agreed that whatever day it is she will come to meet us for a pub lunch afters. Great.

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